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I am a student and artist of ebru, a Turkish style of paper marbling, and an occasional oil painter.  

I feel a deep calling to create and offer beauty, and have found part of this answer in the visual arts. 

I fell in love with ebru while researching mystical sufi arts, and this love was realized on a trip to Istanbul in 2017.   I had the wonderful privilege to study with one of the ebru masters there, Hulya Demirel, in the quaint area of "uskudar", a district rich with tradition, arts, crafts and music.  

Ebru is a mesmerizing art form, giving colour and life to the resonance of movement and water.  It is an art that offers vivid depth and enticing beauty, while teaching the lessons of patience, resonance and flow.  Control is not an option within this practice. 

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Ebru is centuries old, and was originally created as a surface for calligraphy and in book binding and stationery crafts.  

Natural mineral pigments are mixed with water and gall (a surfactant) and cured for weeks before they are distributed with a brush made from horse hair and rose stems over a gelatinous water called size.  The gall increases surface tension, and the colours float and expand before being manipulated with various tools to create mesmerizing effects.  Finally, paper is placed on the surface to retrieve a print of the artwork. 

Each piece is one-of-a-kind and impossible to re-create, thus adding to Ebru's unique appeal. 

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My art is available from me directly, and at local markets, events, shows and shops.  You can also purchase my art from my etsy shop (coming soon).  

I am available for demonstrations and talks, and any other avenue that might benefit from the magic and mystery of Ebru.  



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