Marina Featherstone




May My Soul Be a Temple

May my hands be like the gentle wind,

caressing you with softness.

May my hair be like a blanket of spun gold, 

keeping you warm.

May my tears be like ocean waves,

cleansing you of your burdens.

May my eyes be like galaxies,

bringing you wonder and delight.

May my lips be like roses, gently healing your wounds.

May my voice be like celestial music,

moving you to dance into eternity.

My my scent be like the fragrance of heaven,

enveloping you in sweetness.

May my face be like the sun,

giving you light and life.

May my heart be like a lighthouse,

guiding you home.

May my soul be a place of worship,

so you may forever be with the very essence of God.


I am You

I am nothing.  As ephemeral as the perfume of the jasmine, its fragrance hidden in the velvet of the wind.

I am empty. As pristine as the silken insides of the reed flute, filled only with the music of divine breath.

I have disappeared entirely, spun into starlight, merged with galaxies, the light of every sun, the glow of every moon.

I am you.  




The Truest Companion

The reed is the truest companion.

When our lips meet, silence turns to song.

You give music to my breath,

I give lift to your emptiness.

Together, we unite in a lament of longing.


In the Depths of My Heart

In the depths of my heart is a garden,

longing for the kiss of your rain.

Blue lotus spill their scent on the Nile,

while roses release petals on the wind.

Jasmine dances in plumes of white enchantment,

Heaven never witnessed such rapture.

Deep within the worshipping and loving,

blossoms bow their perfumed heads to your beauty.

The ethereal lament that flows from your lips,

gives surrender to the sweetness of your song.


Oh Water

Oh water, in you I am home.

Your depths wash my soul with the desire of a thousand waves, longing to reach the shore of love.

Water fills my caverns of emptiness like my breath fills the reed.

Oh water, you cocoon me with softness, an eternal embrace from my beloved.

You play melodies with my heart and dance with my hair.

My lips caress the reeds thirsty mouth and it cries to return home with its feet    planted in your water. 

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